Ric Barry and “The Cove” film crew are not the only ones fueling the campaign against dolphin hunting. In fact, many celebrities are contributing to the cause as well.

Hayden Panettiere, famously known as the cheerleader on the TV show Heroes, is one of the most outspoken marine conservationists fighting to end dolphin hunting around the world. Panettiere first stirred up Japanese waters in September of 2007, when she and five other surfers paddled out to the Cove in an effort to protest the annual dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan. However, aggressive fisherman broke up the demonstration and then continuing their killings, leaving Panettaire and her friends with nothing but broken hearts and a warrant for their arrest.

Since the situation in 2007, Hayden has found more politically traditional ways to present her message. Panettiere is the international spokesman for the Whaleman Foundation, which is dedicated to the preservation of dolphins and whales. On the right side of my blog is a SocialVibe widgit to support this organization. Patteniere has also traveled back to Japan several times (despite her warrant) to speak with officials and leaders about “finding other ways to generate income and utilize the nature” (CBS News).  Although many officials still refuse to speak with her, Panettiere is able to expose the Japanese people to dolphin controversies in a peaceful and respectful manner. Some demonstrations include creating an outline of a dolphin and diver with people lying down around the border to make the shape.These experiences are documented in her online dolphin diary, as well as in the interview below.

However, Hayden is not the only Hollywood name playing a role in the push for appropriate dolphin treatment and Japanese fishing regulations. Many celebrity endorsements are being used to spread awareness on the mistreatment of dolphins and whales. Here is a public service announcement that utilizes these familiar voices to urge others to take part in the campaign against dolphin hunting.

To take action in the fight against dolphin slaughter, go to: